My Waterproof is Leaking


In the first instance we would suggest cleaning and reproofing your jacket, instructions for this can be found here

Jackets that have not been regularly cleaned will often appear to be leaking. Dirt and oils from your skin can clog the pores in your jacket’s membrane; this prevents the transfer of moisture vapour out of the jacket meaning that it will feel damp inside without actually leaking.

Alternatively, your DWR (Durable Water Repellency) may have worn off, if water is not beading and running off anymore then it is time to reproof your jacket. Without its DWR the jacket will wet out, causing water to soak into the outer fabric and prevent the membrane from breathing properly. With regular use cleaning and reproofing should be done every six months or so.


Often confused for waterproofing, Durable Water Repellency, or DWR, is a technology that we use throughout our range of waterproofs. DWR causes water to bead on the surface of the fabric so that instead of soaking into the garment's outer fabric, the rain simply rolls off.

By reducing the amount of standing water on the garment's outer, the breathability of the fabric is maintained and it remains light and comfortable to wear.

After prolonged use you may find that the DWR's performance begins to diminish. This can be refreshed by applying a DWR treatment after washing.

If you feel that your waterproof jacket is faulty, please contact your retailer. 

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