Washing & Reproofing Waterproofs


The instructions below are a guide to cleaning any of our waterproof range, more specific instructions for your membrane can be found on the garment label.

Hand or machine wash using a technical cleaner such as Nikwax Tech Wash on a gentle 30ºC cycle. Avoid detergents, fabric softeners or conditioners, drycleaning or ironing as these may damage the garment.
You can hang-dry your garment, however unless stated on the product label, you can tumbledry your product on a low temperature to help maintain the DWR.



Your waterproof garment contains a durable water repellent finish (DWR) on the exterior of the fabric that serves as a first barrier to penetration of the fabric by external water.

This DWR finish degrades over time and will occasionally need to be replenished. Even though the waterproof membrane is still keeping the water from passing through the fabric, performance will be increased if you maintain the DWR finish with regular treatments.

Once the garment has been washed we recommend using a re-proofing agent such as Nikwax TX Direct to completely restore surface water-repellency. We recommend using a spray-on product rather than a wash-in one as this will have less impact on the item’s breathability.


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