My Jacket is Leaking Down

The fabrics we use are down proof, but there are situations in which the down will appear to be leaking through your fabric. This is because the down that we use is (usually) a mix of 90% down and 10% feathers. The feathers within the down possess sharp quills and these are the bits that can work their way through the fabric. 

A small amount of down escaping through the fabric or through any seam line is expected and common in any down garment, particularly early on. Down is exceptionally fine and can work itself through small openings. If you do see some down or a feather poking through the fabric do NOT pull it through the fabric.

Try to pull the down or feather back inside the jacket and then gently rub the area between your fingers. Pulling the cluster through the jacket may cause an even bigger hole to develop. Gently rubbing the area where the down or feather was poking through will move the fabric strands back together, helping to seal up the opening.

However, there are other reasons for a jacket to shed down and if you feel that your down jacket is faulty, please contact your retailer. 

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